Extraction and processing of polymetallic ores of the


Alaigyr deposit

Type of mineral:

Main element: Lead (Pb), Associated industrial elements: Silver (Ag)

Infrastructure and a brief description of the area

The Alaigyr deposit is located in the Karaganda region, on the border of the Karkaraly and Shet districts, 130 km south-east of the city of Karaganda. The administrative center of the Shetsky district of the village is located 60 km to the southwest. Aksu-Ayuly.The nearest settlements are the Akshokinsky state farm located 24 km to the west of the deposit. The distance from the Karaganda-Karagaily railway is 80 km.

The nearest mining enterprise - Karagailinsky GOK is located 80 km northeast of the deposit.

Brief description of the object

It is located in the eastern part of the Assumption Synclinorium (Assumption crumple zone). Formations of terrigenous-carbonate formation and spilite-siliceous-terrigenous formation of Famennian age, as well as coal-bearing parallelic formation of subalkaline liparite porphyries of Early Permian age take part in the structure of the deposit area. Lead mineralization is associated with liparite subvolcanic bodies in the area. The deposit extends in the sublatitudinal direction to 2850 m and is conditionally divided into 3 sections: The Western one is 1240m long (14 ore bodies), the Middle one is 700m (7 ore bodies) and the Eastern one is 770m (11 ore bodies). Ore bodies are represented by steeply falling lenticular deposits of veined-nest-interspersed lead ores. In terms of size, medium (ore body 2) and small (bodies 1, 3, 24, 28) are distinguished.
The deposit area belongs to the most elevated part of Central Kazakhstan, being located somewhat north of the axial part of the Balkhash-Kura watershed.
Characteristic of the district is a combination of low-mountain terrain areas (absolute elevations of 1000-1200 m) with wide valleys separating them and a shallow mound (absolute elevations of 800-900 m). The relative heights of the hills above the valleys reach 150-250 m .
The deposit is located at the foot of the northern slopes of the Zhaksy-Karazhal (1088 m) and Alaigyr (1012 m) mountains and is confined to low elevations with dissected slopes. Absolute marks within the field site range from 865 to 930 m, the relative excess of ore outlets above the bottoms reaches 25-30 m.
The climate of the area is sharply continental with cold winters and moderately hot dry summers.

Current status and summary of planned activities

The project of the feasibility study of the GOK with the pre-inspection section has been developed, submitted for state examination. Currently, public hearings have been held, approval of the basin inspection and a preliminary conclusion on the feasibility study of the GOK of the Department of Ecology have been received. The draft feasibility study of the GOK has been sent for consideration and approval to the Environmental Regulation Committee.

A project on geological and economic revaluation of reserves has been developed, emergency and SES expertise, environmental conclusions of the MOE have been obtained. The revaluation project was developed to implement the recommendation of the GKZ expert opinion.